Conversational English Teacher for Japanese Church WANTED!

A great opportunity awaits you in the Rising Sun of Tochigi City, Japan!
Japan is one of the cleanest safest countries on earth.  Almost half the population of Japan has learned English for over ten years of their life yet has little opportunity to speak it conversely with a native speaker of English.  Most people don’t know that Japan is one of the least UnReached peoples in the World.  They have no concept of a Savior.  They only know of various “lucky charm gods”, and worship dead idols and ancestors.  Sadly  Japan has the largest rate of suicide in the world.  Every month close 4,000 people are lost to suicide.  English conversation is a fabulous bridge to be able to share the hope of Christ.
Mr. Sato shared:
“I came to the Conversational English class to brush up my English for the company.  I had no interest in the Bible.  Through the class I found a real God who offered me hope and confidence.  Today I am a pastor who now works for the Lord.”

David shared:
“I recently went back to Japan to where I taught Conversational English close to 20 years ago.  At the time I could not speak Japanese.  At a friends house I met 8 students who brought their old tattered English/Japanese  Bibles I had given them to read.  Each one of them shared with me that they had found Christ as their personal Lord and Saviour and with tears testified that it was through the classes that they saw Christ’s presence work in their lives”

Are you the one?  Job Opportunity Description:
Time Frame:  Beginning Class Registrations September 2015  Contact us anytime to discuss possible timeframes in which you would like to come to Japan.  We can answer any ????? you have.
Area :  Tochigi Japan  (northwest of Tokyo  near Nikko Mts.  Population:  Over 100,000
Contacts:  Ken Thronton  SMI East Coast MASS  978-975-3308

Rev David Spurdle  GCTS  SMI West Coast Cal.  951-506-0665 /  951-265-6634

Rev. Isao Haga    Tochigi City            090-1452-9152
Contract:  Preferably 2-3 yrs.  Passport and 3 year Visa required
Lodging :  Provided for $200 month for utilities  Very Cheap.
Salary:  We will build up a new program in the upstairs of the renovated 2nd floor of the church which faces the main street of traffic.  As the class builds in numbers support will be transfered to help support the English teacher.  You will have to raise your own supporting partners.  1 person $2800 month  Couple  $3500
Education:  H.S. Graduate + letter of recommendation from three persons
Health :  Physical Checkup by a doctor needs to be approved.  National Insurance will cover you out of your monthly support.
Christian Principles:  We are a Interdenominational  faith mission that desires to work with the Japanese Christian Churches.    For doctrines of faith check out

Compassion isn’t something you feel, it’s something you do.  Come and use one of the most effective means of bringing the Gospel to a land without hope.  As Jesus said, “For blessed are the feet of those who bring the Good News.”  Get ready now, and don’t wait!  People are waiting for the Teacher!
Brother Dave Spurdle