July ‘2017

Suggee = awesome in Japanese.

Paster Haga will be coming to America with his wife to speak and arouse the American church to come to help in the work of the harvest of Christ in Japan. If you would like him to come and share his incredible story and the life of a Christian in Japan, please invite him. October 20-27th 2017.

Email: smi.dwspurdle@yahoo.com or Call (951)- 265-6634

In 2018, new full time missionaries Ryan and Alicia and their two children are coming to help be the hub of the Tochigi Church. J-lodge and outreach conversational program. Please pray and support them. They are giving up the family, home, and country to bring the Gospel to Japan full time.

In the past several months, we have been able to get permission to hand out thousands of Gideon bibles in the schools which has caused an awakening in these cities and towns where there is not a single Christian or church. Many people do not know what a Church means. Continue to pray that we may have the freedom to hand out bibles. Just think of it: in America, you can’t but in Japan (the largest unreached people group, you can).

Please pray for Tawnya M. that she will take the step to go into full time missions with the opportunity for her to continue to work at her job while in Japan. That’s pretty cool.

Next month, August 5-12th Max M. our web developer will be going to Cuba to bring computers in support of Pastor Manuel’s church in Havana, and will be bringing several dozens of Spanish- bibles. In Cuba, a bible costs more than a months wages.

Please pray for J-lodge I, which is reaching thousands of young Japanese Tokai University students with the Gospel. Please pray for David and Yuka Mills, who are managing it. Also pray for Chigasaki, Hagizono, Hadano, Mukonoso, Tachakawa, Tochigi Churches that we have helped to establish. Please also pray for the house churches that the short term teams have helped to establish in Sano, Tochigi, and Tanuma citites. Please pray for Kevin and Nozomi West as they branch out and help partner in Kobe city, Japan to help establish a new church plant called ‘The Mustard Seed’. They are very gifted in music and sharing the love of Jesus. Please pray and support them also. Kevin is my sidekick.

Have you ever seen the Wolverine in Japan movie? We would like to bring the Gospel to Ueno City, north of Tokyo – one of the largest train station hubs in the world. We plan to bring guitars, drums, musical instruments and to do outdoor Jesus evangelism. May God’s sign’s and wonders confirm the message. If you love music, or can make a sound with your hands and feet, come join us to reach thousands of people for God’s harvest.


January ‘2017

We were able to see a new church plant in Osaka, Japan. The name of the church is called mustard seed church. Please pray for them as they reach out to millions of unsaved Japanese in the Osaka and Kobe area.

Thank you for praying and supporting the teams going to Japan as two new house churches have developed in the Sano City area.

Please pray for the teams that are planning to go this year that the spirit of God would move amongst them and that millions would be saved. We are now using a movie that you can download from the website called The Story that can be translated into many languages. This will enable you to share the Gospel any place, anytime around the globe. We have now ordered close to 10,000 Bible Tracts in English and $10,000 Bible Tracts in Japanese. We hope to get them into peoples’ hands this summer. It will be the first and possibly only time they have a chance to hear Christ.

We are planning to re-develop a surfing ministry in Japan particularly in the Kanagawa Prefecture area. We are in the process of making an anime movie that will address the plague of suicide in Japan. No one has been able to slow down the pace of suicide in Japan. Let’s let God do it.

So we hope to create the movie, and get permission from the train corporations and billboard advertisements in major cities to show the short 5 minute which will have a hotline communication center.

One short term mission team returned home to America and is now planning to go longer. A  married couple planning to quit their jobs and commit to a 3 year term in Japan. Please pray for Roman and Tiana.


We’ve recently received an update about new church-planting activities that our partner missionaries Kevin & Nozomi West are involved in.  Please check out their information at: http://kevinandnozomi.wordpress.com/2012/12/


Feb – April ‘2017


Latest from new believer, Shiho in Japan:

When I met these people from America, they gave me a small paper Bible tract.  It said “Which do you prefer?”  I read it and asked Jesus to forgive me of my sins, and asked Him to be my only God and Savior.  My heart began to cry, and than I got the joy.  David and the others said, You too can be a Child of God.  I than shared what Jesus did, and my friend also wanted Jesus to be her God.  We then found a church here in Japan.  It was hard for there aren’t many.  We got baptized!!!! I want to show you, YOU can be a child of God too

Shiho – Japan