Support Letters | June 2017

Update from Rev. Dave Spurdle:

We trust and pray that God is working in you to be the Supernatural  person you have the right to be.  It has been exciting to see the hand of God working, rather than just working at the world’s pace.  There is such a struggle going on within the hearts of many Christians here in the USA and especially in Japan.  They believe in the awesome miracles God performed in the Bible.  They believe in the miracles that were manifested by Christ. Yet they struggle to believe that God will work a miracle on their behalf.  It is our prayer that you will come to Japan (the largest UnReached Peoples in the World), and bring the hope and power of Christ to a hopeless people who are surrounded by idols, suicide (over 500,000 attempts last year), and business.  Instead of reading the Book of Acts for the umpteen time come bring the Book of Acts to Japan and ACT out the Book.  Most people don’t realize the whole New Testament is a Missions Manual. Please pray support and plan to come on the trips going out: TEAM I    May-23-June 2.

Example Support Letters: