Burma Kids

Our goal has been to raise up a team every year from Japan and N.America to go for at least 11 days or more to help and assist the various orphanages and newly established  70 acre Bible School near Myitkyina, Myanmar.  Many of the children live on just one meal a

 day.  Most people have not one Bible, yet many are very hungry for the Word of God.  We bring Bibles, Support, Theological training, building volunteer groups/ and outreach teams to help train equip and encourage the work.  Many of the kids that graduate from the school “go out” to the borders of China/India/Myanmar and plant the first “house churches” in “UnReached Areas”

Burma Kids

BURMA/MYANMAR PLIGHT:  “Children are those suffer most in war”

As you and I in N. America race from the restaurant in our cars with appetites fully satisfied, around the World in Burma Myanmar a young child under six years old sits atop a huge brick pile breaking bricks into little piles so that he can bring a few cents home for the week to help support the family.  The young child you find out is a cousin by relation.  His parents are dead due to the civil war. Average income:  $25 month per family
“What are we to do?”

 Burma Slave Labor



Over 25,000 orphaned children scrap to survive in northern Myanmar?Burma.  There parents are either dead or are slowly induced by drugs into death.  Burma has known only war since 1948.   This country is the oldest on-going war in the entire world.  There is suppose to be a “cease fire” yet 160,000 people fled to Thailand.  Continual war has eradicated about 175,000 children each year.  Over 10% of all children suffer severe malnutrition in families.  36% of the population in the country is under 15 years old.  Many children are orphaned, abandoned, trafficked, exploited in the labor force, jailed, used in drug running.  The cause is war.  A military regime is in power that has been rated along side Germanys regime in the 1930-40’s.
“Does it move you?”


“Pure religion in which our Father accepts is this; to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world.” James 1:27

Burma Kids

A middle aged pastor in one of the villages explained that he was not able to give each of his kids a Bible.  “They cost around $25 each.”  “They are the same ones used that your relative Adoniram Judson  translated in the early 1800’s.  Either I use my income of $25 to feed my family and two orphaned children, or buy a Bible and see my family starve to death.”  I then thought of all the Bibles I had in my own home. 
Today every trip we bring in Bibles.
                          “Man shall not live on bread alone but by every Word that proceeds from the mouth of God.”


                        -Pray for Christ to change the moral fiber of the Gov’t
                        -Send support to help support the orphans, and Bible School students.  Be a part of investing in souls in the 10/40 Window.
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