“Thou shalt not muzzle the ox when he is treading out the grain”  Deut. 25:4



Most Para-church organaizations come up with a contracted price for their ministry to come out to areas to work.  Even in Japan.  We don’t do this.
We base our mission as a Faith Based Mission.  People support us monthly, yearly, onetime gifts, but most of our support is given through “Monthly Faith Promise Supporters“. Our Pioneer Church planting mission reaches out into the 10/40 Unreached people groups of Japan /Myanmar.  We help train and utilize short-term teams in reaching out to close to 4,000 unreached people every trip we go on.  The goal is to establish a permanent indigenous lighthouse church group in the city.
It is not about a Pledge between you and the church or the mission, rather it is an offering between You and God.  Asking God, “How much would you like me to give each month?”  And then trusting in Him to provide it to invest in the evangelization of the world.
“There are 3 types of Christians, goers, senders, and those that are just plain disobedient.” Rev. John Piper      (America’s top Evangelical preacher)
According to Romans 10:12-15 giving and going are co-existing essential elements for World Evangelization.  Unfortunately, the Great Commission (Matt.28:18-20), has become the tail-end of most churches rather then the head of the church.  Statictics show us that “we as Christians in America, spend more $$ on dog food then in supporting cross-cultural mission work world-wide.”  (US Center for World Missions)
Every step in the progress of missions is directly traceable to prayer, giving and going. All Non-taxable Contributions are to be made out to:
SM International PO Box 6997 Chandler, AZ.  85246