Q.  Why is Japan one of the leading suicide nations in the World?
A.  The Bible tells the World that when we worship idols we worship the Devil.   When you worship the Devil you worship death.  When you worship death, you become dead. Busyness equals heart failure in the Japanese Kanji lettering. Failure equals shame. There is such a goal to be successful that to fail brings dishonor thus we have over 100 people in a day commit suicide in Japan. Buddhism does not shun taking ones life. They know nothing of Christianity and the conception of judgement and heaven and hell. Idols dot every street corner, and are seen on most mountain tops.  Who will GO OUT to change this?
Q. Will the Japanese electric current hurt my computer or US electric devices?
A. No, we have not had any problems.
Q. Do we have to bring sheets or towels?
A.  No need for it.  It is taken care of.
Q.  How many bags can I bring?
A. 2 check-ins 1 carry-on (no charge)
Q. Do I need a visa or special shots?
A. You need neither of these.  Just a valid Passport is needed that does not expire while overseas. US Passports can be applied for at the nearest main post office nearest you. Plan on around $90 for the process fees and anywhere from a couple of weeks to 6 weeks.   When you go to the post office, bring your birth certificate and 2 passport size     pictures of your self.
Q  .What are the religions of Japan?
A.  Shinto and Buddhism
Q.  Is Japan a country that persecutes Christian and missionary work?
A.  Since the end of WW II Japan has had religious freedom incorporated in their Constitution.  Before this period, persecution was a horrifying trend in Japan.  Thus while the door is still open the chance to seed plant and disciple the Nation for the  Truth of the Gospel is still accessible.
Q.  Do I need some sort of knowledge of the Japanese language?  How can I evangelize?
A.  Good question!  No problem.  For one reason is that your English is a great drawing card to the Japanese.  Over 40 million people want to practice their English on you.  Most will desire you to engage them in English, then you can give them a Bible tract that explains to them the Way of Salvation in Japanese. You will be reaching approx. 3,000 people with the Gospel in your stay in Japan.  Note that 86% of all Japanese pastors came to know Christ through learning and participating in English Conversation Classes.
You will have the chance to share your testimonies everyday.  You will be prepared to share “in and out of season.”  You will learn life-style evangelism, and continue to plant the seeds of Christ whenever and wherever you Go.
Q:  Will we be eating raw fish all the time?  I don’t like it when food moves on the plate.
A: Everyone on the teams have different taste buds so we try to find what YOU like.  Japan has many assortments of foods.  You will always have the opportunity of N. American home cooked meals and then other foods that will slowly get you used to Japanese gourmet.  No one has ever gotten sick… as far as I can remember.  “Oh,  there was one time when………”
Q: If I need to contact my family member while in Japan, can I contact them directly?
A: Yes. You will have the opportunity to contact American relatives while in Japan through use of cell phone and computer (email).