“Expect Great Things of God.  Attempt Great Things for God”
– William Carey Missionary to India 1793

Objective of Spurdle Ministries International

“Most ASSUREDLY I say to YOU, he who believes in ME will do what I have been doing also, and greater works than these will he do, because I go to the My Father.”  – Jesus | John 14:12

What an invitation Christ is challenging you and I.  For a moment can you name at least 7 miracles He did?  Incredible as it seems, He is asking us- His Church to top Him!  A great teacher always implores his students to excel far beyond the teachers own abilities.  Why do you think Jesus was always rebuking those who walked with Him to increase their faith.  Peter along with Jesus took the step of faith to live on the Water-Walking level, not just a Paddle-Pushing lifestyle like the others who just watched at a distance.  Where do you wish to enter?  We hope that you will join us along with many others in reaching the Land of the Rising Sun which has the infamous distinction of being:

        – Largest UnReached Peoples in the World 1/10 of 1% Christian.
        – Highest Suicide Rate in the World 1 in 4 are contemplating suicide.

        – Close to 86 % of the youth wish they were never born.

Our short term trips range from 10-11 days to even longer ones.  Some short-“termers” return as Long Term missionaries 3 yrs.

We do pioneer church-planting in areas where there is no other visible witness in entire towns and cities.  We would like to reach over 800 towns and villages with populations of 7,000 and upwards.  Wouldn’t it be great that in one day 1600 short-termers came into these towns, 2 by 2 and reached every home for Christ!

Christ sent His 70 disciples out 2 by 2 into the surrounding areas to preach and let the cities know that Christ was COMING.  They could have reached over 35 cities!  We aim to follow the same strategy.

One family came up after a few teams had prayed and worshiped by the river  for a Mountain village in Japan.  We reached almost all the homes by handing out the Good News of Christ in Japanese.  Today one of the homes in the town meets as a house church.  Team effort.

We have been apart of helping establish 7 churches and a few J-Lodge Out- Reach Coffee/Smoothie Cafes that are now run by indigenous pastors, who are now sending their own short-termers around the World.

Each trip we try to reach over 3500 Japanese with the love of Christ.  This is more than most people reach in a lifetime.  We learn the 3 disciplines that hopefully will become a regular lifestyle when you return in country.

-Unceasing Prayer-

“Prayer should be like breathing”  The early church prayed 24/7 and fasted weekly.  They had to…..their lives depended on it!

Jesus rebuked His disciples several times,  “Could you not pray for at least an hour?”  On the average, “The average clergy in the US prays 5-7 minutes a day.” Gallup Poll.  The devil laughs at our plans, yet fears when we pray in unity.

-Life-style Evangelism-

Just as you are good at your job,  We learn How to share your testimony, faith, and fish for souls, the Biblical way. Most people read the Book of Acts as though it is a early History of The Church.  You will be challenged to ACT out the Book of Acts.  You will be blown away with what God does rather than your abilities to move Mts.  Mark 16:15-20  For example:  “What’s in your Wallet?  Credit Cards? Cash? I.D.?   How about a Bible tract?  Today many people will walk by you oblivious to the fact that the doors of fiery Hell are wide open for them.  And we did nothing to prevent them from entering.  98-99% of American Christians have never led another person to Christ.  Returning from a trip, I noticed in shock on the huge news information board at LAX Intl. Airport that: “For the first time in USA History Christianity is in the decline.”

Thus we are to obey Christ’s command to Preach & Disciple in and out of season, until there be no power in our mortal body’s.  Matthew 28:18-20

-Developing a World-Mind Set verses a World-ly Mind Set-

Most people look up to the Beatles, Michael Jackson, Top Singers Hollywood actors, Michael Jordan and others.  Have you ever heard of William Carey, Adonirum Sarah Judson, David Livingston, C.T. Studd, Hudson Taylor, Amy Carmichael, Lottie Moon?  Ever heard of the countries of Bhutan, Burundi?  Most of us are clueless???  You see Jesus did what His Father asked.  Jesus then tells us,”As the Father SENT Me I SEND You.”  To do what?  Answer:  To finish what He started.  World Evangelization  Matthew 24:14   Thus in the hustle bustle of life we teach one how to have a active compassion for the world that has yet to hear of Christ’s name  This is targeting the 10/40 Window where most of the remaining UnReached Peoples live.   Who will GO and who will Send?  Could not your church spare just one of their members to SUPPORT and SEND out there?

“It is the top priority of ALL of us to seeing and participating in the Evangelization of the World in our Generation.”

Student Volunteer Missionary Movement 1886

In the midst of training we we will be staying at our SMI Mission Training House and staying at a Japanese Farm where God is moving in amazing ways in Sano City.  Our Mission House abuts one of the many golf courses that surround the mountainous area of Tochigi Prefecture.   We will be helping a fledgling Pioneer Church and also supporting 2  infant House Churches.  Instead of planning a vacation, make it a “working-vacation” that is not only the most incredible experience but life-changing for thousands of Japanese.

‘I have been on 5 different trips, and can say that next to me getting married, these trips have been the most exciting experience of my life.”

                                                               Jack S.   AZ.