Why is it there is a doctor/nurse on duty 24hrs a day? Why is it there is always someone at a police or fire station on 24hrs “constant watch” yet we lock up the church leaving it empty and dormant. Why can’t we as the church do the same?

Our grandfathers used to use massive draft horses to work in the woods instead of the heavy machinery we use today. One horse could pull its weight of two tons but, if two horses were ‘yoked’ together they could pull a staggering 23 tons. Just as horses can move humanly impossible loads, our Father in Heaven is able “take any burdens off us”.

Remember: When people work….people work. When people Pray….God works!

People tell us that it is humanly impossible to pray “unceassingly.” I Thess.5:17.
True, that is by yourself, you would die after a week for lack of sleep. If we would excercise the same “Intercessory” discipline that the early church had we would see more of that “old time” Power Revival & Awakening. They were in desperate shape fearing for their lives, thus they “Watched & Prayed” both day and night. Acts 12

What about you? Will You “Stand Watch”? The desires to put Watchmen on duty both Day & Night. Isa. 62:6,7
Will you set yourself to diligently pray so as to secure the result? In any community, revival can be secured from Heaven when heroic souls enter the conflict determined to win or die.

What would happen if over a thousand people filled up 24 hour slots and prayed “unceassingly”? Could we not see the the Lord’ hand “move mountains”?? Matt.17:17-21

“The kingdom of Heaven suffereth violence, and the violent take it by force.” Matt.11:12