Great Evidences of faith that led to revivals:

  1. The Book of Acts.  The Church was meeting daily in constant prayer
  2. Moravian Church 1727 Germany 12 men and 12 women committed to 24 hr Unceasing prayer   Over 100 years it was continued,,,,without interruption.  The small group of Moravians nearly turned over the World for Christ.
  3. 1857 Fulton Street NY City  Noontime Prayer Meeting.  A local minister asked one of his businessmen to start a noontime prayer meeting for he alone could not see the church budging.  Jeremiah Lamphier then made a Prayer Meeting Leaplet and passed it out to local businesses.  At first out of 1 million people living in NY city only 4 showed up    Within months people were running to the meeting closing up their shops during lunchtime. Other major cities were duplicating the Noontime Prayer Meeting.  It is estimated that 3% of America’s population turned to Christ that year!  This in turn influenced the Welsh Revivals
  4. Wales Revival Evan Roberts 1904.  Because of the fervent prayer of a few, God increased His fold to 100,000 Welsh souls for the Kingdom of God.  Prayer Revival and Missions go hand in hand  This Revival torched a flame in Azusa, California  during 1906.   It swept into China, North Korea and elsewhere.
  5. New Hebrides Lewis Islands Scotland 1949-1952  Rev. Duncan Campbell experienced day and night intercessory prayer.  “Our churches are made up of old people.  Where are the youth?”  Two elderly sisters committed to prayer and fasting day and night.  The Lord revealed to them, “I am going to bring MY Holy Spirit fire”  God gripped the nation where thousands turned to the Lord and also went around the globe to spread the FIRE.

Study References:

There are many sources out there to encourage you to enter the supernatural through prayer. Two of my friends books will knock you off your feet and onto your knees:

The UnFinished Task  compiled by Dr. John E Kyle

Revival Fire by Dr Wesley Duewel

More Desired than Gold   by Dr. Christy Wilson  compiled by Chow

Please join us in asking for the impossible, and seeing the Nation catch the Holy Spirit Fire of Christ.  

When people work, people work.  When people pray, God works  God is looking for YOU to Stand in the Gap for the World.

Ezekiel 33: Let’s become the watchmen for the people.

2 Chronicles 7:14  “if my people who are called by my name humble themselves, and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and heal their land.”