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Ian’s Pledge Support Letter


Below is a text-only version of a support letter for missionary Connor M.


PO Box 6997
Chandler AZ.  85246                                      
It was hard for me to hear of a sophisticated modern country such as Japan having one of the worst plaques of death, exceeding those we read during Moses pre-Exodus from Egypt.
             -Over 500,000 Japanese attempted suicide [2016].   1 in 4 are contemplating suicide!
             – Japan remains one of the largest UnReached Peoples in the World.
             – Over half the youth in Japan wish they were NEVER BORN!

             – Close to 1700 towns and villages have NO visible Church!

Looking around me are Churches everywhere in which America has been blessed.  Then a missionary from SMI  Rev. Dave challenged me,
“Is it fair that you and I can attend several Church services anywhere in our cities, yet in thousands of towns in Japan one cannot hear it once for a lifetime?”

Just as General MacArthur repeatedly asked the nations to send 10,000 missionaries just a few responded.  I would like to not only obey Christ’s command to GO out Mark 16:15-20 but invite YOU to come.  If your not able, then I’d honored if you became a partner in reaching over 3,000 souls for Christ.  There are several teams going out starting on

May 23-June 1 Team A

June 23-July 3  Team B

The total package for Flights, In house Travel, Food/ Lodging is $3650.00

We will be encouraging two fledgling house churches and helping one of the very small church in Tochigi City 110,000 pop. (north of Tokyo)  We will be also encouraging a wonderful farming family to reach their own Sano town with Christ,  I have heard from other missionaries that just got back, that their trip looked like the Book of Acts!  24/7 Prayer, Salvation,s healing, learning to develop a World-mind set rather than a Christian Worldly-mind set.  We will be staying at the SMI Mission House that is surrounded by a mountainous golf course in Sano City.

Everyday Heaven is watching to see who will Go and get the message out to the where it has yet to heard.  Please consider going on the most exciting “working vacation” and see how the Lord works through our obedience.

I am learning what it means:

“Compassion isn’t something we feel, it’s something you do.” BD
  Join me as we GO and HELP SAVE JAPAN!
————————————--Tear Off————————————————–
Yes I would like to be a Faith Promise Partner with Connor McKemy in:
[  ] Going with him on one of the trips
[  ] Supporting and praying for him
                  [ ] $100  [ ] $350  [ ] $500 [ ] $1000  [ ] Other $_______
Name_______________________ Address_______________________________
City______________ State_____  Zip___________ Ph# (       )_______________
All tax-deductible  Support is made out to SMI with Reference to Connor McKemy and accompanying this   Reply form
SMI PO Box 6997  Chandler, AZ  85246