Trip Testimonies

“Our Japan trip changed the trajectory of our family’s faith.  It made us clear what is EXPECTED of us as followers of Jesus- that we are “to GO ” to the 1st world as well as the 3rd world nations.  We learned first-hand that people who have ALL of life’s amenities are starving for spiritual food and living water.”

– Chris, Ana, Justin   CA.

“Earlier this year when I was thinking about supporting I decided to give what I had left at the end of a couple months to help support some missionaries . With your persuasion I went deep and supported 2 and 1/2 times what I was intending(approx $2500.00). Shortly after I sent the funds I was hit with heavy unexpected bills! I felt like a fool, thinking I should have just gone with  my logic and given a safe amount.  I feared I would have  to sell something to get thru the next couple of months. As it turned out(I DO NOT KNOW HOW) I ended up having just what I needed to get thru the next couple of months almost perfectly! I could not have budgeted that close and especially knowing I was already underwater, I do not know how I ended up with over $5000 extra dollars in my account   It worked out so well, knowing it was a test for me from the Lord.  I  know this sounds far fetched, but it really did work out that way!!!”

Many Blessings to you and all the brothers and sisters out there who are SENDERS OR GOERS into the World for the Lord

Brother Kurt  CA.

“Going to Japan was life moving.  Learning how to spread the love of Christ by applying Biblical practices, touched my soul and spirit.  I hope to return to Japan as soon as possible to be used in spreading the Great News throughout the country.”

– Tawnya  TX.

“When I was in Japan I saw the brokenness of a  people group I was never exposed to; that grew up in a seemingly opposite culture of the one I grew up in.  I was stretched in my faith by having to rely on the love and power of the Holy Spirit in me and not my own words or abilities.  God moved me by showing me the importance of fellowship prayer and rest in His heart to allow us to reach out EVERYDAY to people even when we think we don’t see fruit all the time.  Japan needs  nothing less then the love of God manifested through authentic, vulnerable relationships and the power of God at work in the Japanese church!  I’m planning to return soon.”

– Kristina CA.

“Japan pushed me to lean on the Holy Spirit more and more each day.  God showed up as He promised He would and revealed Himself to many people.  I learned love is the key and when you have love and the Spirit of God, nothing can stop Him from moving through you.  The Holy Spirit spoke to me with pictures, impressions, and also words.  24 hr unbroken team prayer will push you to lean on as well as listen to what God is saying for a a whole people group.  GOD LOVES JAPAN.  My wife and I plan to live there in Japan.”

– Roman CA.

“I wanted to thank you for EVERYTHING. The Bible studies, instruction, your PATIENCE with us.  You met everyone’s personalities.  Thanks for being a great pal.  It was a great experience I will never forget.  An opportunity as well to help reach people from the other half of my heritage.  As you no doubt saw, it was hard for me to LEAVE Japan.  I could definitely live here! If I had my druthers, I would live here for 6 months out of the year.  (April-June and Sept-Nov.) in Japan.  The other months in the US.  Ah well, I can’t wait to go back next year.  I would like to see my mothers family up north.  They ALL don’t know the Lord.   Please tell everyone in Japan and on the team I miss them a lot!!!”

– Aaron ME.

I was planning to leave the US for Japan with my southern Baptist congregation members to help church plant with the missionaries. Before the trip, I nearly broke my back and was in extreme pain. I love basketball and playing golf and it had been curtailed by this injury. I called David and told him that I could not come on the trip. His reply was, ‘come anyway’, you will get healed in Japan. I had been taught that for today, miracles were not to be prayed for. Arriving in Japan, I was in extreme pain. The missionary asked if he could carry my bags. We prayed as a group that God would heal me, but I saw no evidence of my healing. David challenged my faith by telling me that I was healed. I thought this to be a little weird. The next day we went up to prayer mountain next to the mission house in Sano City, Japan, and I saw God’s spirit fall on everyone. People were crying and testifying that they were indeed healed. Others proclaimed that they wanted to become full-time missionaries. Coming down from the mountain, I could not believe it. I had no pain at all. I was completely healed. With excitement, I told David I was healed. “Really David, I am healed!”. His reply was, I know that, you just had to have faith to believe it would happen. To this day, I play golf and basketball weekly and am amazed at what God can do today in our midst. I plan to return.

-Reverend Craig, North Carolina

I went to Japan wanting to see God do a miracle through me. One morning, in Japan, David said, ‘expect a miracle today, God is going to use you.’ We had reached over 300 people at the mall and later David asked me to pray for a Japanese man on crutches with a broken leg. The man’s wife came to pick him up and the man thrust out his crutches and said ‘I believe Jesus healed me’. He walked away with his wife completely healed, with David holding onto his crutches. I literally could not stand up for I had seen God’s power working in a powerful way. I plan to return to Japan again this year.


I have been on 5 short term mission trips with SMI and seen 3 pioneer church plants spring up in Japan. Next to me being married to my wife, these experiences have been the most wonderful in my life.

-Jack, AZ

I had $20 to my name, and I did not know how I was going to raise the support to go to Japan. Then a man handed me $100 at the DMV and another man gave us check for $5000.

– Brian

I was a busboy and one night a couple heard my story about going to Japan. They left the restaurant with their tip on the table and a check was written out for $1500.

– Mark

I worked as a contractor carpenter and the other carpenters heard my story about going to Japan. When I returned home, in my lunchpale were empty sandwich wrappers and cash in numerous bills amounting to over $850. They had stuffed in my lunch container.

– Larry

I am fifteen years old and my parents are farmers. I told David that God told me to go to Japan. The director of the mission was hesitant. Two weeks later I got my passport and God raised up $3500 for me in two weeks. In Japan, I was able to reach more people for Jesus than my mission director was able to in eleven days.

– Hernandez

I am a surfer girl from Carlsbad and wanted to go to Japan. I had a difficult time in raising support. Then one of the mission director’s friends was told by God to give support to me to go to Japan. In one day, I received $3600 and now, my sister is planning her second trip to Japan also. God will provide.

– Lauren

I love to worship God and wanted to go with my wife to Japan but we lacked support. I really did not want to ask people for support but I learned there are two types of Christians: senders or goers. So I boldly asked if I could share in church of our need to go to Japan. Unexpectedly, God gave us more than enough money to go to Japan. I love my church.

– Roman and Tiana

I was lacking support in our account and I asked God to help support Japan and Burma orphans. The next morning, the Japanese pastor gave me an envelope he had received at the church. There was no name on it only Japanese cash amounting to $8500. God can supply if we ask.

– Dave

We asked God to provide for a new church plant and money to support a Japanese pastor. One week later, we received a check for $25,000. Thus we were able to create the very first Christian coffee-smoothie outreach: J-Lodge Cafe.

– J-Lodge Cafe Crew