Yoke Fellowship

If you can’t go to Japan, you can pray for Japan.

Yoke Fellowship is a group of PRAYER INTERCESSORS who commit just 15 minutes a day to pray for the BIG 3 PRAYERS at a preferred time in which they keep EVERY DAY.  Over 1,000 or more people praying for not just the Big 3 Prayers, but for impossible cases around the world is what its ALL about.


Worship, Praise, Forgiveness should always be our intro before Gods Throne:

These are the 3 BIG PRAYERS:

  1. First of all I command you pray for your leaders.  Pray that the Imperial Household will get SAVED and that they will Preach That Jesus, not the Emperor, is Lord of the Rising Son. Politicians and ALL Diet, PrimeMinister, Company, Sports Teams,Churches, Schools Presidents/Leaders  would have Bible study and prayer before work.  We are trying to have a meeting with the TRAIN Companies  to ask for the opportunity to put a Anime movie in their train TV monitors,  that will help break the plague of suicide that is killing the nation. ( Close to 3,800 people commit suicide in Japan every month.  One of the highest percent in the world.  Pray that a church will take just 1 hour a day to have an open HOT LINE for people on the trains to call in for HELP.  Then Jesus can show them that HE is the TRUTH and the LIFE.  24 churches on duty pointing the thousands to a Lord /Father, who cares for them.  The movie is called “HEART BREAK”  PRAY for its receptivity with these huge Train families. Most of 140 million people are shut in Trains for 4 hours in their daily transits  What a great vehicle it will be.
  2. That the Book of Acts would be ACTED out in Japan.  Buddhist, Shinto priests turning their idol infested dens into Christian Prayer meetings.  1700 towns and villages remain without a house church.  Therefore how will they know unless someone is “sent”= Thrust, or thrown out” (True meaning Greek) Romans 10;12-15  Pray that God would enable SMI to send out 1000 missionaries to “Go out 2 by 2 into EVERY UNREACHED area and get the Word of God into every household. Luke 10:2   That a house church would spring up to disciple those in that field, and then SEND-Thrust them to other areas of God’s field
  3. Pray for God’s POWER, PROTECTION, PROVISION  for missionaries/pastors. That US, Canada, UK churches would ADOPT a UNREACHED city town village to pray and send missionary teams to help establish a viable pioneer church plant

      “Where things are impossible with man are possible through God”  One magnificent huge draft horse can pull close to 3 tons of weight comfortably.  If you YOKE two  together.  It is said they can pull close to 24 tons of weight!  Ridiculous!!!  God tells us that if two or more of YOU come together in MY NAME, you will have the chance to MOVE the Mountains before you!!   Japan the Largest UnReached Peoples in the World has been hardly touched by the Power of God.  Without your simple commitment to Pray and Believe, it will stay the same.  Let us let God and ALL Heaven bring the real Refreshing tsunami of God’s presence to the nation of Japan, and the rest of the 10/40 UnReached Peoples of the World.  Could we not then see our home churches pray for Revival of our own CHURCH in North America, and Europe.

Please pick a time that you would STAND IN THE GAP for the Nation of Japan and those who need prayer NOW.  Give us a CALL/TEXT/e-mail.  You will have the opportunity by using our web to sign-up and keep tabs on how progress, and report your own URGENT request.