Price Breakdown

Short-Term Teams Price Breakdown

We at SM International aim to give you the highest quality mission trip at the lowest cost possible.  We’ve compared these costs with other mission organizations and tour packages and are striving to help you gain the best experience available at a very reasonable price.Our GOAL is to effectually use the latest training methods so that you gain confidence in sharing your faith daily, understanding unceasing prayer, fasting, spiritual warfare prayer, and seeing the hand of God  work in miraculous ways. “Things that may seem impossible with men are possible with God.”  Daily we learn what it means to be a Commission-minded Christian (Mark 16:15-20) .  We become involved in “pioneer church-planting”, that you get to assist in beginning a “church’ where none has been before.  As Paul said, “Far be it that I would build on someone else’s foundation.”

We have an assortment of trips which range from  11-days, 2 weeks, 1 month, less than 3 months, to over 1 year.  Over the 3 month plan a “missionary” Visa will need to be applied for.  We are excited that many of our short-termers are returning to follow-up on earlier trips  and to help encourage the infant churches that have been previously planted.
Here is a typical breakdown of a 11-day Short-Term Trip to Japan.  Prices are based on projected costs for 2008 as fuel costs are increasing, air fares are increasing, etc. [all amounts in U. S. currency]
$1000-1200______Flight Ticketing and processing

$300______Taxes/surcharges, etc
$1000_____Meals (restaurants), and meals prepared at SM Intl. Base House  @ $35 per meal (Remember that travel time to eating areas and shopping, preparing, and cleanup are included in this)

$660______Lodging, Housekeeping, Cleaning,
Bedding, gas/electric/water @ $60 per day
$110______ Tithing at the four church services we will attend and the two meals offered for us by the church members_____
$380______ Transportation (in country) buses, trains, rental van /w/ auto Insurance

Total Per Person                                                                              $ 3650

*For groups of 10 or more a $100 reduction will be given to each person.  We also  give a tithe to the pioneer churches we help to establish and assist them beyond that with costs of Bibles, study materials, tracts, etc. Pioneer churches are totally dependent upon us to help them get established, as most are new converts and do not understand the “offering” concept often expected in churches in the U. S. It takes some time to disciple the new converts and entails travel and expenses for those involved locally in Japan.


Agent  – Jane

Coverage MUST be submitted and paid for by credit card  48 hours prior to departure.  Please notify us 951-265-6634,  if you would like to apply for the coverage 3 days in advance of your departure date.  After receiving your insurance use your  phone to:

A.] Take a picture of your POLICY #

B.]  Take picture of the  CUSTOMER CARE PHONE #

*In over 25 yrs we have never had any incidents where a person has needed any coverage.  This Christian Insurance Group is offered to those missionaries that prefer to have some additional coverage.  This is totally up to the individual.  SMI does not include this cost in its package trip.  For further details please upload the website above.

Types of Insurance

  1. Trip Armour–   $40 per person  Coverage up to 30 days  No age limit, $100,000 medical coverage $0 deductible.  COVERS- Trip delays due to natural catastrophes ex. Tsunami, earthquakes  / Trip interruption- ex. Death of a family member back in the USA/ Repatriation / theft of luggage outside of the airline care.
  2. IMG- International Medical Group  $85 per person  Coverage up to 60 days.  Better suited for longer stays out of country.