Jesus said, When you fast…….. Matthew 6:16,17

In October , I was diagnosed with debilitating Arthritis of the spine and Scoliosis.  I had three vertebrae in my neck which were almost  fused together.  Several doctors gave me no hope sharing that I would end up in a wheelchair with partial paralysis.
Things got progressively worse as I found out that I had systemic candid, which turned into Myofacial Fibromyalgia   I relied on shots in which my whole body was in excruciating pain, and there was never any relief for over 3 years.
During this time I tried natural foods and saw that God could heal me.  I felt a little better while I attended Bible prayer groups, yet I was still in great pain.
A missionary came to our church (SMI David Spurdle), who shared about the needs of Japan.  I desired to go but in my condition I declined the invitation.   Three items stuck in my mind that the team was going to learn and implement,  Fasting 
                                                                  Unceasing 24 hr Prayer
                                                                  Lifestyle Evangelism 
I was intrigued to experience  these rare spiritual disciplines. David told me, "Maybe you can't go, but you are to be a sender financially, and you can fast and pray for us."  "God will heal you completely!"
"Only Believe!"
As the SMI team were on their mission trip to Japan, the Lord reminded me,  And when you fast...."
On Wed. I decided to fast when the team in Japan was fasting for souls, and asked for Holy Spirit power.  As I was praying for them, the Lord in an instant; completely healed me of all my stuff.  I actually felt it lift off me and now I am back to living life, running, and exercising the way I use to.

Through all of this , my faith was tested, and strengthened, I gained wisdom, knowledge and understanding, saw the power of prayer, and most of all I have a deeper and closer relationship with the Lord Jesus.
To God be the Glory for all the ways He chose to heal and restore my body and life!

Tammy Dawn Custer,  CA.